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Rapper's Digest



Request your favorite track to be played, dedicate a song to someone special, promote your latest music, or give a shout-out to your business.

How It Works

Pick Your Song: Choose any song that hits the right notes for you—as long as it’s available on Spotify

Fill Out the Form: Quick and easy! Just fill in a short form with your song choice and details.

Leave a Voicemail: Once your request is approved, we'll send you a link to leave us a voicemail. Dedicate your song to someone special, give a shout-out to your listeners, or highlight your business in a few words.

Tune In: Catch our weekly podcast to hear if your request made the cut. Listen for your song and shout-out, and enjoy the vibes!

Guidelines to Keep in Mind

Keep It Clean: Please no profanity or disrespectful messages. We aim to keep our airwaves friendly and positive for everyone.

Song Availability: Ensure your song choice is available on Spotify to avoid any hiccups.

Spotify Playlists: RAPtvEvening R&BGolden Hour 

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